Pallet Wrapping Equipment - Pallet Wrappers

Pallet Wrapping Equipment - Pallet Wrappers
Packsource Systems equipment specialists have a combined 50 years of packaging machinery experience and expertise.  Pallet wrapping systems are our specialty.  Wulftec is the leading name in Pallet Wrapping Equipment.  For more information on automating your pallet wrapping process, please go to our Automatic Stretch Wrapping page.   We are one of the largest Wulftec distributors in the United States, and the biggest in Southern California.  We specialize in evaluating customer needs and selling them the right system for their needs.  Wulftec pallet wrapping machinery is the absolute best in the industry.  It is built to last.  One of the best ways that you can evaluate the ability of equipment to endure years of high-volume use is by looking of the weight of the machine. Comparing the Wulftec pallet wrapping machine to competing models will highlight the solid steel structure that is the foundation of Wulftec’s rugged durability. Wulftec uses only the top non-proprietary parts available from Packsource Systems, or at your local automation or industrial supply facility.  Wulftec uses Allen Bradley PLC’s, A/C variable frequency drives and motion control products, Baldor motors, and Sick photo-eyes.  Wulftec offers the best and longest unlimited-cycle parts warranty in the industry, which is a testament to the reliability of Wulftec wrapping machines.  Packsource factory-trained and certified sales team promises to not try to over-sell you systems you don’t need.  We also promise to ask you the right questions and learn about your wrapping needs BEFORE you order, so your machine comes in with the proper options and add-ons to get the job done right from the beginning.  Wulftec is not the cheapest, but there is nothing worse from a machinery distributor standpoint than shipping a machine to a customer only to realize that it is not the right equipment.  Packsource guarantees that this will not happen when you purchase a pallet wrapping system from us.  After the sale, Packsource factory trained and authorized Wulftec service technicians will keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. Call us at (800) 464-3100 or contact us now to ask a question or get started.

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