Syfan Sytec 701 Shrink Film

Syfan Sytec 701 Shrink Film
Syfan SYTEC® 701 Polyolefin Shrink Film
Syfan SYTEC 701 Polyolefin shrinkfilm is a new polyolefin shrink film for a wide range of packaging applications. The innovative crosslink process provides strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage. Optical properties are superior. This film exhibits outstanding abuse resistance and is easy to use. 701 is designed to seal on "L" bar sealers along with high speed side seal equipment. Call one of our friendly customer service reps to get information on the 701 anti-fog film that is now available. Sytec films perform best when stored in a climate controlled storage area when temperatures do not exceed 25 C - 77 F for Sytec RF-4 and 27C - 80.6 F for regular Sytec Polyolefin. Cold temperatures are not a factor. It is recommended to rotate stock on a regular basis.
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