Wulftec Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Wulftec Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Wulftec engineers the world’s most superior safety features into their machinery.  Wulftec’s exceptional performance characteristics ensure reliability even in the harshest working conditions.  It is crucial in today’s economic environment to get the most out of your capital investments.  Saving a few bucks on equipment that can’t handle the workload will cost you more in the long-run.  That is a bad investment.  A stretch wrapping machine that breaks down all the time doesn’t guarantee a secure wrap and it certainly won’t help you ship your products on time.  When it comes to strength, no other manufacturer even comes close to Wulftec.  You simply can’t get better value for your money.  Wulftec Fully-Automatic Stretch wrapping equipment is designed to maximize throughput and efficiency.  They take care of everything; all you need to do is change the roll of film.  An automatic stretch wrapper will consistently save you time and money.  Rotary arm models, compared to turntable models, are designed for increased flexibility and for unique load shapes and weights.  The rotary arm rotates around a stationary load; a safe, highly effective way of wrapping very light, tall, heavy or unstable loads.  And of course, all Wulftec  machines are backed up by the Wulftec Advantage; That’s Allen Bradley PLC’s, A/C variable frequency drives and motors, heavy-duty steel construction, non-proprietary parts, NO-THREAD powered pre-stretch carriage, quick disconnect throughout for ease of maintenance, and superior warranties.   Wulftec fears no packaging challenge.  We have the widest array of options to ensure that your load is stabilized consistently and securely, no matter what your circumstances.  Need an option we don’t have?  No problem; Wulftec will build it for you.  Call (800) 464-3100 or contact us today to speak to a pallet wrapping specialist.

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Need a machine capable of wrapping more than one load per minute? This is the machine for you. Adding on additional in-feed and out-feed conveyors can allow this machine to continue to automatically wrap loads, even if there is no operator available to remove loads from the machine. Wulftecs patented clamp, cut & wipe system is the best in the industry, and prevents the need for operators to ever get off the forklift.

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