Wulftec SML-150-S

SKU: SML-150-S
*****We have quantity of 1 of this model currently in stock. (80" Wrap Height w/ optional loading ramp)***** An Economical low-profile machine that is designed to handle loads up to 4,000#. It can be loaded by forklift OR pallet jack. With an upgraded control panel and an endless list of available options, this machine is guaranteed to be adaptable to fit any specialized application. Call or contact us to request a quote.
Price: $9,799.00
Wulftec SML-150-S
Wulftec SML-150-S
Wulftec SML-150-S
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Product Details
We have quantity of 1 of this model currently in stock.  (80" Wrap Height w/ optional loading ramp)

Call or contact us to request a quote.

Production Rate
  • 55 loads per hour
Machine Dimensions
  • 118" L x 
  • 59" W x 
  • 110" H
Load Weight
  • 4000 lbs
Approximate Shipping Weight
  • 2200 lbs
Electrical Requirements
  • 120 V /
  • 1 ph /
  • 60Hz 
  • 15A
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000 or 1200 PLC
  • 24V control system
  • Current overload protection
  • NEMA 4/12 control cabinet
  • Autoheight sensing photoeye
  • Power on/off switch and status light (Standard)*
  • Start/stop push button
  • Large emergency stop (push / pull type)
  • Manual carriage up/down function
  • Variable table speed (16 RPM) with automatic home position with automatic home position
  • Separate up/down carriage speed adjustments 
  • Top and bottom wrap selectors (0-9)
  • Reinforced wrap/manual rotation control
  • Film tension adjustment
  • Lack of film alarm
  • Top sheet pause function switch
  • Spiral up OR spiral up/down switch
  • 14 gauge formed steel tower
  • Forklift Portable base design (from back only)
  • Heavy duty structural steel construction
Film Delivery System
  • 20" NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage
  • 1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers blue compound
  • Film force release for easy pull at start and end of cycle
  • 50-400% pre-stretch ratio (preset to customer spec, Std 200%)
  • Electronic film tension control with analog sensor
  • Film roping bar
  • Lexan roller cover for operator safety
  • Proximity sensor on carriage gate to ensure gate is properly closed
Film Carriage Drive
  • 1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
  • Two #50 carriage lifting chains enclosed in tower for safety
  • Bearing supported maintenance free guide wheels
  • 58" dia. 3/8" steel plate
  • 20 heavy duty non metallic lube-free table supports
  • 3" table height
  • 2-3/8" high base
  • Ramp accessible on all three sides (consult factory when ordering more than one ramp)
Turntable Drive
  • 0-16 RPM variable speed
  • 1 HP AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
  • #50 ANSI heavy duty chain drive
  • Electronic soft start/stop
  • Positive turntable alignment controlled by proximity sensor
Technical Information
  • The machine is provided with a manual including electro/mechanical schematics and drawings, troubleshooting guide & Installation instructions