Strapping Machine- Strapack SQ-800, Arch 25" W x 20" H

SKU: SQ-800-2520
Price: $7,995.00
Strapping Machine- Strapack SQ-800, Arch 25" W x 20" H
Strapping Machine- Strapack SQ-800, Arch 25" W x 20" H
Product Details

The Strapack SQ-800 is the most dependable strapping machine ever developed. It is the next generation of the extremely popular Strapack RQ-8X (discontinued). The innovative design makes it the most reliable general-purpose strapping machine on the market. It features easy strap loading, automatic re-feed, automatic loop ejection, lubrication-free operation and safe dual-tension. Brushless DC motors provide better efficiency without compromising the reliability of the prior model it replaced.  This makes the SQ-800 ideal for large and small packages alike. At a standard strapping rate of 55 straps/minute, the SQ-800 is sure to keep up with your businesses high speed requirements.  It also comes standard with roller tables for easy package loading and unloading.

The SQ-800 is extremely reliable, but for the rare occasion when something does go wrong, it has the lowest maintenance and repair costs of any strapping machine available. A wide range of options and arch sizes are available to customize the SQ-800 strapping machine to meet the needs of your application. Reliability, speed, ease of operation, and low maintenance and repair costs make the SQ-800 the most cost-effective machine available. 

A 6-Month parts warranty is included with the machine. A 3-Month labor warranty is also included, but is limited to Southern California customers. Southern California delivery is about $350.00. For exact shipping charges, please call with your zip code. A free, on-site demonstration is available in certain geographical locations. 

  • Voltage: 120 VAC, 0.65 KVA
  • Strap Width: 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"
  • Strap Type: Polypropylene 
  • Arch Size: 25" W x 20" H
  • Machine Dimensions: 50" W x 24" D x 60" H
  • Tension: Adjustable up to 101 lbf.
  • Speed: Up to 55 straps per minute

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