Strapping Machines - RQ-8S Small Seal Head Strappers

Strapack RQ-8SThese machines are specially designed to seal small products.  If you are strapping small products, such as mailing tubes or tiny shipping cartons, you need a smaller seal head so that the machine can properly tension the strap.  Other possible products that require a small seal head are aluminum sash, wire, metal rod(s), PVC Pipes, Plastic Tubing, Wood Molding, Dowels, etc.

The RQ-8S is extremely reliable, but for the rare occasion when something does go wrong, it has the lowest maintenance and repair costs of any strapping machine available.  Reliability, speed, ease of operation, and low maintenance and repair costs make the RQ-8S the most cost-effective machine available. Call today and ask for a machinery specialist for pricing and availability.

A 6-Month parts warranty is included with the machine. A 3-Month labor warranty is also included, but is limited to Southern California customers. Southern California delivery is about $140.00. For exact shipping charges, please call with your zip code.  A free, on-site demonstration is available in certain geographical locations. 
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